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Welcome to Hilltop Children’s Center, a high quality school of early learning and inquiry serving the Seattle community since 1971. Together, we are working with the next generation of inventors, leaders, thinkers, artists, and social activists.

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Our Values:

Learning In Relationship We seek and cultivate a wide breadth of thought and ideas as the foundation for meaningful connections with and unintentional commitments to each other, which promotes social responsibility, interest in the unfamiliar, and respect for nature. We believe in reciprocal influence.
Emergent Curriculum We evoke new perspective by noticing, inquiring about, and reflecting on moments of curiosity or passion and make that discovery visible through documentation and expressive media. We believe learning is constructed through experiences, inquiry, and reflection.
Leadership in Community We foster courageous leadership and serve as a model of innovative, reflective early childhood education practices. We believe that collective contributions lead to bold action.
Organizational Integrity We commit to transparent and responsible organizational practices that uphold our mission, sustain Hilltop, and bring playful joy to our work. We believe that root tending creates stability and intentional growth.

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For tax purposes Hilltop’s Tax ID or EIN # is 91-0894463.
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