Supporting Hilltop

Why Give?

Charitable giving is a tradition among independent, non-profit preschools like Hilltop. Tuition alone does not cover the full expense of our emergent curriculum, nor does it provide the resources needed to support our Siri Mayo scholarship fund, and faculty professional growth and development. Funds raised help cover the gap between tuition and the true cost of a Hilltop early childhood education. To put it another way, giving supports the magic that the teachers help create in the classrooms each day.

To provide an environment where every child can build on the wonders of childhood requires a significant investment in our teachers and our curriculum. Gifts from members of our community – current families, extended family members and friends, faculty and community partners – ensure that every child who wants to can participate in the Hilltop experience, and that every child’s experience at Hilltop is highly valued.

Generous contributions of time and money affirm our shared commitment to providing extraordinary learning opportunities for our children today and for years to come.